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Using your FREE Simply Cards & Papercraft 115 die

11th September 2013


Using your FREE Simply Cards & Papercraft 115 die

Top tips for using your Simply Cards & Papercraft 115 FREE Christmas tree die

(and any other intricate dies)

Please read the detailed instructions below

Step 1


Create your sandwich using the manufacturer’s instructions and add a layer of wax paper, greaseproof paper or baking paper between the die and your cardstock.


Step 2


Run the sandwich through your machine.

Step 3


Rotate the die and run through the machine again.

Step 4


If you can see that the die hasn’t cut all the way through, run it through your machine again. You may need to add a shim or two.

Step 5


When your die is cut out it will look like this.

Step 6


Carefully removed the die-cut from the die using a pokey tool.

Step 7


Remove the negative space from the die-cut using a pokey tool.

Step 8


After following all these steps your die-cut will look this.


All die-cutting machines are different and the effects of wear and tear mean that no two machines will ever cut the same. You’ll need to get to know your own machine and dies to know how to get the best from them.

Here are a few tips that will help you get perfect results every time:

1 You’ll need to run intricate dies through your machine more than once. Try running it through forwards and backwards, then rotate your die and repeat. If you can see that the die hasn’t cut cleanly, you may need to run it through a few more times. It may help to use low-tack tape to keep the die in place.
2 You may need to use a shim or two as the fine detail requires more pressure to cut out. This can be just cardstock, or you can buy a metal adapter plate for some machines that helps to get the right pressure.
3 To prevent cardstock from sticking to the die, dust your die with an anti-static bag or talcum powder. The key to getting a clean cut every time and helping to get the pieces from your die is to use wax paper, greaseproof paper or baking paper between your die and cardstock. You can leave the wax paper in place and may get a few cuts before you need to replace it.
4 After cutting, gently push through the holes on the reverse of the die using a pokey tool or paper piercer to release the die-cut. If you don’t have one you can make one by gluing the eye end of a fine needle into a cork.
5 Use crisp cardstock or paper to prevent the fibres stretching of breaking.
6 Sticking these intricate die-cuts to your projects can be tricky, but you can use a fine glue pen, spray adhesive or white glue or glue stick applied with a cocktail stick. If you have a Xyron sticker machine, these work well. You could also try adding double-sided tape or adhesive sheets to your cardstock before cutting.

Using all the tips above you should be able to cut everything from thin parchment, through your favourite papers to mid-weight cardstock.
Check out YouTube for lots of video advice.

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