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Free BONUS ideas using your scoring board

17th December 2013


Free BONUS ideas using your scoring board

Here are some free bonus ideas for creating envelopes using your free scoring board and tool with Simply Cards & Papercraft 119.

Decorate your envelops with Washi tape and create a matching fastner

washi-back washi-front

Add Washi tape and a button to the edges and if you’re not sending the card, add a stamp!

sides-back sides-front

Why not try to close the envelope with a wax seal?

seal-front seal-back

Add die-cut stamp and a nice border to your envelopes

punched-border-front punched-border-back

Create envelopes with the same patterned paper to match your cards.

matching-envelope-front matching-envelope-back

Create your own labels on your envelope

label-front label-back


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