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Getting started with the Cricut mini

24th July 2014


Getting started with the Cricut mini

Read Complete Cardmaking issue 51’s ‘Getting started with the Cricut Explore’ and need some help? Look no further, here’s Kim Dellow’s foolproof guide to help you get crafting with Cricut Design Space, as well as here guide to making this gorgeous mobile!


How To… Get Started With Cricut Design Space



1 Once you have downloaded the software, open it and choose Create New Project from the homepage. If you want a canvas to work from, select Set Canvas from the menu panel on the left of the workspace.


2 Open an image by selecting Insert Image in the menu panel on the left of the workspace then search using keywords, the design number or the filters to find a design.


3 Click the design you want and then click on the Insert Images button, then change the size of the image as needed and send it to cut or draw by clicking on the Cricut symbol Go button and follow the instructions


Raining hearts umbrella mobile


Cricut Explore™ electronic die-cutting machine


Cricut Design Space

computer with internet access

Metallic Silver Cricut marker

Scraper & Spatula Cricut Tools

Cricut Umbrella, 9 months (#M3978F) cutting designs



invisible sewing thread







1 In the Cricut Design Space software, insert the umbrella image, resize it to fit the size of the chopstick then ungroup the layers.


2 Select and hide the pole section of the umbrella, then select one of the heart layers and click the Contour option in the Layers window.

3. Now click on all but one of the hearts to deselect them and then click Contour again and repeat for the other heart layer.

4 Cut each item in turn, hiding the other items that you are not cutting; cut three umbrella canopies using the How Many Projects Do You Want To Make option and one whole umbrella.

5 Cut 18 of one heart layer and 24 of the other using the How Many Projects Do You Want To Make option so that you dont waste paper.


6 Layer the canopies on the umbrella with glue and 3D-foam and stick the hearts back to back on to the thread and stick the thread to the umbrella, then attach the design to the chopstick with thread to finish.


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