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Brighten up January for someone special with this lovely card!

2nd January 2015


Brighten up January for someone special with this lovely card!

Brighten someone’s day with this gorgeous card made using the Kay Miller Designs freebies on issue 53’s CD

Enjoy your day


free CD with Complete Cardmaking

white cardstock


photo-editing software

photo paper

3D foam pads



1 Open photo-editing software of your choice and start a new A4 portrait project. Arrange a scalloped border across the centre of the bottom A5 section of the page. In the top section, re-size two images of each flower, typing a sentiment above the smallest flower. Print onto photo paper.

2 Cut the bottom panel, including the border, into a 13.3×19.5cm rectangle and matt onto a panel of green paper. Adhere to the card front, leaving a narrow border all around.

3 Trim one of each flower to measure 4.5x9cm and matt onto a slightly larger piece of green backing paper, leaving a narrow border all around.

4 Arrange the three flower images onto the card front over the scalloped border, using 3D foam pads.

5 Cut the flower heads and leaves from the second set of flowers, add shape and dimension before affixing on top of the original images using 3D foam pads. Add gems to the card front to finish. 




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