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Using your free fonts with Complete Cardmaking

25th February 2015


Using your free fonts with Complete Cardmaking

Complete Cardmaking 55 sees Kim Dellow combining stunning colouring techniques with the FREE CD’s bonus fonts. Kim’s done an amazing job demonstrating just what you can achieve with the brand-new Chameleon Color Tone pens… so here we help you install your free fonts, so you don’t waste any valuable crafting time figuring it! 

Here we explain how you upload the fonts from the free CD onto your computer…. then, as they say, the world is your oyster!

HOW TO… install fonts on your computer using Windows 7


1 Save the fonts to your computer and unzip them into a new folder, then select and click Copy for the ones you want to install, either by using the right-button menu or the dropdown menu under Organise.


2 Click Start > Control Panel > Appearance > Personalisation > Fonts.


3 In the Fonts screen, right-click and select Paste to add the copied files to the Fonts folder. If you can’t see them in your software packages then restart your computer to complete the installation ptocess.

It’s as easy as that! Look out for more of our fabulous ideas and inspiration for using your free fonts!

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