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“We is in dream country”

25th February 2015


“We is in dream country”

This gorgeous card is just one Louise Collins made using the fabulous free CD with Complete Cardmaking’s FREE CD – inpisred by Roald Dahl’s BFG – it’s a must make!

Thanks for the memories

Complete Cardmaking 55 free CD

grey & white cardstock

Ranger Glossy Accents


1 Open an A5 portrait base in CraftArtist, with the BFG mini kit. Drag the green spotty material over onto the page and recolour it to a pale grey.

2 Pull over the pink ‘splodge’ from the embellishments and recolour it to a dark grey. Copy and paste this at least seven times, and resize each. Arrange them all over the right-hand side of the page.

3 Next pull over one of the squares from the embellishments section, and copy and paste it two times. Line the three squares up, one on top of another, and group them. Pull the distressed frame into each square too.

4 Add embellishment images to the centre of each of the squares so that they it looks like a photo strip. Group the squares and everything inside them again, and rotate the strip slightly to the right, positioning over the ‘splodges’ on the right of the card front.

5 Draw a flat oval using the Quick Ellipse option from the Shape tool. Fill in white and make it 80% transparent. Position partly over the photo strip and type a greeting into it.

6 Add some small yellow stars with the shape tool, and print off. Cut out the card front and adhere it to the front of a grey cardstock base. Cover the photo squares with Glossy Accents and allow to dry.

Don’t miss the rest of the card inspiration from Louise Collins’s inside the magazine (see below) – they’re definitely not to be missed! Visit to buy your copy now

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