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Using your BFG mini taster kit free with Complete Cardmaking 55

26th February 2015


Using your BFG mini taster kit free with Complete Cardmaking 55

Installing the CraftArtist Compact and the BFG mini taster kit needn’t be difficult – find a step-by-step guide for installation and getting started right here

CraftArtist Installation


1 Place the Complete Cardmaking CD into your computer’s CD/DVD drive. In any Windows older than Windows 8 the browser should open automatically. However with Windows 8 the browser doesn’t automatically open. Either click on the ‘Tap to choose what happens with this disc’ button (See Pic A.) and select Run Browser. Alternatively, click on the File Explorer icon and double-click on the DVD RW Drive iconĀ (See Pic B.) and the Complete Cardmaking window will open. (See Pic C.)

Pic A.

Pic B.

Pic C.

2 Click on Daisytrail – BFG button and the Serif CraftArtist window opens. (See Pic D.) Follow the instructions until the Customer Information window opens, the details should already be entered for you. Simply click Next to finish installing the software. Tick the box giving you the option to create a shortcut on your deskptop (See Pic E.). You may need to run a system restart before using the software. (See Pic F.)

Pic D.

Pic E.

Pic F.

3 Once your computer restarts, click on the Serif CraftArtist Shortcut on your desktop and the Serif CraftArtsit start screen will load. This screen offers a range of option to help you get started.

Pic G.


Problem solving


Q. I get a setup.exe error message when I try to install CraftArtist

A.This isn’t a major problem and is easily rectified.

1 Click on File Explorer > Computer, then right-click on the DVD RW Drive and select Open.

2 Click on Daisytrail > Setup.

3 The Complete Browser will open and the Serif CraftArtist Setup will open. Click Next and follow the instructions.

Q. The BFG mini taster kit doesn’t appear in the My Digikits folder

A. This disc should automatically install the digikits without the need to do anything. However if it doesn’t there is an easy solution.


1 Open up the File Explorer > Computer and right-click on the disc drive and select Open (See Pic A.).


Pic A.


2 Double-click on Daisytrail and select Packs. (See Pic B.) Drag all of the kits from this folder into Documents > My Digikits. (See Pic C.)

Pic B.

Pic C.




3 Re-open the CraftArtist Compact, click Add Items From Digikits and the kits should now appear in your Digikit Browser. (See Pic D.) Double-click the BFG mini kit and you’re ready! (See Pic E.) Happy digital crafting!

(Pic D.)

Pic E.

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