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A week in the life at Practical Publishing

5th August 2015


A week in the life at Practical Publishing

Intern Morgan Leah gives us an insight into the wonderful world of publishing and crafts here at Practical Publishing!


The first thing that I noticed when I arrived in the Practical Publishing office was the bustling nature of the surroundings. Every team member was working extremely hard to create the high-quality content that the company is noted for. The desks were filled with previous copies of magazines such as Love Sewing and Papercraft Essentials – just two examples of the many publications produced by the team at Practical Publishing.

Here’s my internship diary:

On my first day, I began by proofreading text and using templates to write columns for various magazines.

Tuesday’s schedule started with labelling cards that had been sent in from readers, and I helped to edit information that had been sent in from sponsors and tested free products that would appear in upcoming magazines.

On Wednesday, I spent the morning shadowing and assisting an Editor. This included updating and managing the company’s social media pages, and I also edited several pictures using Photoshop, ready to post onto the blog.

My main task on Thursday was researching cardmaking techniques, collecting images, descriptions and web links as well as colour schemes. I also spent some time in one of the photography studios, learning how shots are set up and edited.

Friday consisted of shadowing another Editor, including testing two sets of sample products that would act as free gifts for future issues of the magazines.

I learnt a number of things regarding the world of publishing throughout the week, and noted the many stages and team members involved in producing a print publication. Initially, research has to be done about the chosen topic, so that information is accurate and as extensive as possible. This information is then used by the writing and editing team to produce an article to be published in the magazine.

The pages are then sent to the Sub-editors who check over, amend and add to the information. It’s then the Art department’s job to arrange the information into the bright pages you see in the magazines. At this point images that have been photographed and Photoshopped previously are also added. After a design is finished, it is proofread by the various Editors and Sub-editors up to three times, in order to ensure that the article meets standards throughout.

After further editing by the writing and design team, the magazines go to print and are delivered to the shops ready to be sold. But the work doesn’t stop there! The marketing department works on advertising the new issue through many different medius, such as in print, within stores such as Tesco and online.

I think that the most interesting part of the week was the time I spent shadowing the Creative Stamping editor, because she showed me many different aspects of editing a magazine. I was also shown how to stamp and die-cut, which I found very interesting.

The environment at Practical Publishing was very friendly, and provided me with a unique behind-the-scenes insight into what it’s like to produce international magazines. I would definitely recommend considering a publishing company as an option for work experience to anyone!



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