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“I go to seek a Great Perhaps” – the diary of a magazine intern

12th January 2016


“I go to seek a Great Perhaps” – the diary of a magazine intern

Meet intern Hayley Rogers, who has joined us from the US to learn all about how your favourite magazines are put together…


Hello! My name is Hayley Rogers and I am the current intern here at Practical Publishing. At 22 years old, it was not even a month ago that I was sitting in a small Erskine College classroom in the vivacious town of Due West, South Carolina, vigorously taking notes on a lecture of appearance versus reality in Shakespeare’s Othello. I now somehow find myself across the world sitting in a busy office, in the busy city of Stockport, at my own desk proofing articles and undertaking editorial tasks for international crafting magazines. To my surprise, I have not been asked to write a five-page paper on Shakespeare’s allusions to The Great Chain of Being in any of his work… yet. I’m still waiting!

Over the next couple of weeks I will be blogging about my adventure in the real world as an intern at Practical Publishing. I will be doing editorial projects, going to photo shoots and much more. For those who are interested in working for a publishing company or magazine, or simply want to read all about how their favourite craft magazines are put together, please join me on my journey as I share my experience here with you!

Hayley is getting to grips with UKisms such as being asked if she’d like ‘a brew’ in the morning!

Hayley took this fantastic picture during her flight from Washington to Manchester


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