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“Lights, camera, action!” – the diary of a magazine intern

18th January 2016


“Lights, camera, action!” – the diary of a magazine intern

Intern Hayley Rogers tells us all about her trip to a Knit Now photoshoot in Manchester…


I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend! On this cold and tiring Monday morning I hope to reenergize and entertain you with the tale of my adventure in Manchester last week for Practical Publishing!

After a couple of days of sitting at my desk editing articles and creating the new issue announcement for the Quilt Now website, I was able to go and get some fresh air and join the Knit Now team on their photoshoot in Manchester last Friday. This was a very interesting trip as to I had to somehow manage to put myself on a train (on time) and head into the big city of Manchester by myself. To say I was excited to explore more of England would be an understatement.

I found my way onto the right train and arrived at Piccadilly station, where I would meet the Art Editor of Knit Now, Jennifer Lamb. To my surprise, I was earlier than I needed to be, so I was able to slow down amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy Manchester station and grab a coffee at the vintage and hipster coffee shop, Starbucks. Once I met up with Jen, we grabbed a taxi and trekked through the busy city to the studio.

When we arrived at the shoot, it was held in a typical movie scene studio in the middle of the city of Manchester. A large, dark warehouse filled with abstract art and smelling of creativity. The editor of Knit Now, Kate Heppell, and the photographer, Dan Walmsley, greeted us at the giant door and we made our way into the freezing cold studio.

Drowning in the endless supply of hot brews (I recently learned that this refers to ‘a cup of tea’), I observed as the editors, photographers, make-up artist and models exuded brilliance and I watched them go to work. Although I simply viewed the artistic process before me, I learned an impeccable amount of information about what happens behind the scenes on the visual aspect of a magazine.

Every detail is crucial. The lighting, the staging, the angle in which the out-of-focus rug is pointed… everything is placed precisely in the spot in which it needs to be and nothing goes unnoticed. The model has to position her body where the products are rightfully flaunted and if her arm goes 2 degrees to the left, the entire image is thrown off. As tedious as it sounds, it is what makes the final image so remarkable. That is why it is crucial to have an organized team who has a clear vision on what they want shown in the magazine. Because of the clear talent Kate, Jen, Dan and the models possess, the photoshoot went as smooth as the disturbing amount of brews we consumed during the duration of the day!

Watching the creative process unfold in front of me was such a unique and wonderful experience. As a writer, I always spent my time looking at the way the articles were written in a magazine. What kind of voice the writer was going for or whether or not the flow of the writing was something I found easy to follow. After witnessing the visual perspective of the magazine world, it made me more aware of all of the many different projects that go into even one issue.

I had an amazing time in Manchester working amongst extremely talented and kind people. Pay attention to the pictures displayed in the upcoming issues of Knit Now and see how effortless the team makes the images out to be!

Stay tuned for another update later this week!

The model, make-up artist and photographer hard at work on the Knit Now photoshoot

Rush hour in Manchester on the way to the photoshoot

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