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“I feel so sophisticated!” – the diary of a magazine intern

21st January 2016


“I feel so sophisticated!” – the diary of a magazine intern

Intern Hayley Rogers tells us more about her time at Practical Publishing

Hello! I’m sorry I did not post yesterday as scheduled! I was unfortunately ill and entrapped in my duvet cover for the entirety of the day. I blame this rainy and cold English weather!

However, I escaped and am thankfully back in the office. For the past three weeks, in between offsite photoshoots (I feel so sophisticated saying that), I have been sitting at my desk and working on different projects for most of the magazines that Practical Publishing oversees. For Quilt Now I have reformatted quilting tutorials, and I have proofread many articles and step-by-step tutorials on how to make your favourite crafts for Simply Cards & Papercraft, Knit Now and Papercraft Essentials magazines. I have even written a handful of book reviews and worked on templates of each page to begin the editing process.

Even though I have been only working here for a short amount of time, I have learned that there are an abundant amount of steps that are taken before the final pages are released. It goes through an extensive amount of editing and not one detail goes unseen. Much like the particularity seen in the photoshoot last week, the same amount of attention to detail is paid to each and every page. As everyone works on their own individual projects, such as writing, editing or designing the layout of a page, Publishers and Editors are constantly in and out of meetings to ensure the perfection of each issue that is released.

Every page begins with a template. This template holds what is going to be on each page down to the final detail. For instance, today I worked on the Readers’ Gallery section of Die-Cutting Essentials and Simply Cards & Papercraft magazines. From the selection of beautiful cards that were sent in, I took the cards that were chosen for the feature in the article and began to put down its details in the template. Each template contains what is going to be written on the final page and any adjustments that need to be made have to be corrected on the template. Once the template is finished and all of the information is in the correct format, the selected cards are then sent to the art department so they can take pictures and begin to fit them into their page design.

Even after the photography is done and the page is designed, the page is still not finished yet. The almost finished page now goes through at least five or six people to be proofread and edited. This is so that nothing will be overlooked and cuts down the chances of publishing an error from slim to none. Putting every issue under a microscope may seem like a long and gratuitous process, but it is necessary to ensure you the best possible issue. Knowing more about the process each article goes through has opened my eyes to the difficulty and satisfaction of finally being able to release an issue. Hopefully gaining this knowledge of how magazines work sparks an even greater interest for those who want to go into the publishing world. And for those who are just simply curious, I hope you have found a greater appreciation of the intricate steps your Editors take to make your favourite craft magazines spectacular!

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