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Creative Stamping issue 57 Bonus Template download

4th May 2018


Creative Stamping issue 57 Bonus Template download

Creative Stamping hits the shops on 10th May, and we can’t wait to see what you create with our fantastic Go Wild! Stamp set, free with the magazine this month.

Our design team have created some incredible cards which we are sharing with you in the magazine and we don’t doubt you’ll be inspired to create beautiful cards for men, women and children of all ages and for all occasions, with our stunning animal-inspired stamps


We love Hunkydory’s Technically Awesome stamp set and designer Lilly Fletcher was incredibly innovative with her designs – they are simply fabulous!


We love the pop-up box design – they are so simple to make and even easier to post! Give it a go today!

Click here to download your template

We hope you love issue 57 as much as we do, and we really can’t wait to see your creations with our new stamps.

You can order your copy from when it goes on sale on Thursday 10th May, and feel free to send your letters and amazing stamping creations to me at or



And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for issue 58 of Creative Stamping, which goes on sale on the 7th June and see the beauty in our brand new stamp set featuring exclusive designs from Sheena Douglass with her stunningly drawn castle ruins. We’re thinking stately gardens, stunning stonework and luscious rural landscapes with this issue and we’ll show you how to create cards in so many varied styles, for ladies and gentlemen alike.

You can order your copy of Creative Stamping 57 from when it goes on sale on Thursday 10th May, and feel free to send your letters and amazing stamping creations to Nicky at or

Happy stamping!




  1. Karin

    Just got this magazine/stamp set in the US. What does “You’re having a giraffe” mean?

    • Nicky Gilburt

      Hi Karin, Thanks for getting in touch. The expression 'You're havin' a giraffe' is Cockney rhyming slang for 'you're having a laugh', in other words, 'you're joking'. Rhyming slang originates from London when people used to use rhyming words to disguise what they were saying. This is one of the phrases that has stuck and is widely understood. I hope this helps, enjoy your magazine! Best wishes, Nicky, editor

  2. Susan carriere

    Looking for go wild stamp set

    • Nicky Gilburt

      I'm very sorry Susan, this magazine has sold out everywhere. Best wishes, Nicky, editor

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