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Love Cardmaking issue 7 is on sale next week

27th July 2018


Love Cardmaking issue 7 is on sale next week

Love Cardmaking issue 7 is on sale on the 2nd August and includes an exciting craft kit so you can create stylish sewing-themed cards for any occasion.

Your Sew Crafty stash, made up of an embossing folder, dies, stamps and 16 pages of patterned paper, is everything you need to design pretty all-occasion makes for loved ones.

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Inside this latest issue you’ll find new releases from your favourite brands, beautiful birthday cards for women and stylish masculine makes. It’s also full of new techniques – you can follow Jangle Graham’s guide to spotlight stamping or try your hand at gel plate printing with help from expert Teresa Abajo. Turn to page 21 to give it a go and recreate stunning designs like this…


That’s not all, there’s also 18 inspiring ideas to help get you started with your Sew Crafty collection, such as these pretty projects from Hannah Orchard.


As promised, full instructions on how to create the spring card blank for the Floral wishes design on page 28 can be found below.


1 Take an A4 piece of cardstock and trim to 14.8cm wide.

2 Butt the short edge against the handle side of the Ultimate Pro and score along the gatefold A4 and half fold A4 lines. Rotate the panel so the other short edge is against the handle and mark both edges of the yardstick with the gatefold A4.

3 Score a diagonal line from the gatefold A4 mark to the opposite gatefold A4 score line, where it meets the edge of the cardstock, and repeat for the other side of the cardstock.

4 With the long edge of the cardstock against the handle of the Ultimate Pro, mark the gatefold A4 line on the edge of the cardstock.

5 Cut away the triangle sections from the gatefold A4 mark on the short edge to the gatefold A4 marks on the long edges.

6 Crease and burnish all of the score lines and fold the panel to create the spring.


As well as all this we’ve got adorable die-cut cards for kids plus expert tips and help you stretch your stash! So don’t miss the latest issue, head to to order your copy when it goes on sale on 2nd August.

Happy cardmaking!


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