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Die-cutting Essentials 45 bonus partial die-cutting step by step

22nd November 2018


Die-cutting Essentials 45 bonus partial die-cutting step by step

We’re so in love with beautiful blossoms, and in the new issue of Die-cutting Essentials, designer Laura Roman has given us a botanical bonanza!

As one of her cards in issue 45 uses a partial die-cutting technique, the kindly designer herself has offered a step-by-step guide for those struggling to make it work for them.

How lovely is that!



1 Mark the middle of the card. Align the dies on the middle line.

2 Partial die-cut by placing the dies cutting side down on the front of the card and the top cutting plate halfway on top, so it covers only the left side of the card.

3 Cut away the partial die-cuts.

4 Affix the die-cut flowers on the front, open the card and cut in half.

5 Adhere the remaining halves on the inside of the card, making sure to align them perfectly with the other ones.  

We love this card, and the technique – and we hope you do too

Find the rest of Laura’s projects in issue 45, out to buy now.

Happy die-cutting!

Kirstie McCrum

Editor, Die-cutting Essentials

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