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Die-cutting Essentials Special Edition 8 BONUS wedding centrepiece

7th December 2018


Die-cutting Essentials Special Edition 8 BONUS wedding centrepiece

The new Die-cutting Essentials Special Edition is on shelves next week, and you’ll absolutely love what’s in store.

The Around the World theme means it comes with an eight-piece globe and banner die set, a 28-piece stamp set which includes florals and sentiments, 28 patterned papers and 82 toppers.

The Special Edition 8 magazine is 68 pages and it’s simply bursting with all of the die-cutting inspiration you need to make the most of our mega kit.

If you’re into versatile designs, there are family-friends cards using the toppers to create a true memorable make.

And, because we’re super-kind, we’ve got a bonus project for you here! This web-only make is from Jo Rice and forms the wedding centrepiece of her Brother ScanNCut feature.


empty jam jar

deep purple & beige cardstock

Sweet Lilac Paper flowers & leaves

purple ribbon

baker’s twine


alder cones

BortherScanNCut machine


1 Using beige cardstock, cut out out AR-1028 hearts to adhere around the ribbon, resizing to fit, then attach to the ribbon and then to the jam jar.

2 Make up the floral decoration and attach this to the piece of hessian and then to the ribbon and jar using 3D glue gel.

3 Cut small deep purple AR-1028 hearts to scatter in the base and adhere some to the jar.

This gorgeous make looks beautiful with a decorative tea light inside – but remember to use a battery-operated light as cardstock is flammable!



There are loads more projects in the new magazine for you to try, too. If you’re keen on new techniques, there’s a foolproof method for heat embossing that’ll add so much to our projects.

Elsewhere, Helen Griffin’s wrapped her way to success and there are home decor makes to adorn your home.

Do check out Die-cutting Essentials Special Edition 8 on MoreMags for more information.

Happy die-cutting!


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