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Creative Stamping 72 coastal bird downloads

1st June 2019


Creative Stamping 72 coastal bird downloads

Issue 72 is on sale from 6th June, and if the fabulous double stamp set isn’t enough for you, or you fancy a bit of computer aided crafting, check out our downloadable digital stamps!

On this card, which you will find on page 29, I copied and pasted the pre-coloured puffin image onto a Word document, then copied, resized and flipped some of the images to make a colony of puffins. I then cut them out and positioned each one on a stamped clifftop.

Top tip! Don’t cut between the feet – colour the space between in the same shade as the cardstock behind and you have no messy edges!

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Happy crafting!


  1. Angel

    where are the downloads for Creative Stamping issue 72 ? I've had the magazine for over a week and can't complete the card i'm making without the download of birds.

    • Nicky Gilburt

      Hello, If you click on the button at the bottom of this post which says 'Log in or register here to download', you will receive them. Please share your card, I would love to see what you make! Best wishes, Nicky, editor.

  2. Lyndy

    Hi I was disappointed when downloading the birds, the print out left the top two birds headless. I even tried on landscape as well as portrait.. any suggestions?

    • Nicky Gilburt

      Hi Lyndy. I have checked the download and done a direct print from it. It has printed all four birds completely so I suspect it may be your printer settings - maybe you need to adjust/remove the margin? I hope this helps. Best wishes, Nicky

  3. SandyKoca

    For some reason, when I bought the magazine, I received the beach image stamp set, but not the bird stamp set. Is that because I'm in the US? Thank you for your help, and all your hard work making this wonderful magazine!

    • Nicky Gilburt

      Hello, I am sorry you did not receive both stamp sets. Is it possible to contact your retailer as there should be two sets with every magazine. Please email me if you struggle to get the set. Best wishes, Nicky.

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