Simply Lettering Blog Hop – Huge Prize Pot of hand lettering goodies!

12th July 2019


Simply Lettering Blog Hop – Huge Prize Pot of hand lettering goodies!

We are very proud to be DAY 3 of the Simply Lettering Blog Hop!

Issue one of this gorgeous new magazine will be available to buy in shops in the UK on July 18th – next Thursday! It’s now too late to subscribe to get issue 1 but you can pick up a copy in your local supermarket or from CraftStash!

To celebrate the launch, Simply Lettering Magazine have teamed up with lots of lovely hand lettering and journaling bloggers and brands to take you on a week-long blog and social hop.

This week we all collectively want to inspire you to take a little time out of your busy schedules and try your hand at modern calligraphy. So each day this week you will find a little project or advice to help launch your hand-lettering journey. We are sharing Lou Collins amazing alphabet videos to inspire you to try different styles of lettering!

PLUS – As part of the blog hop Simply Lettering have collected together some fabulous prizes to create this HUGE GIVEAWAY! We have a selection of magazines to giveaway, and just look at all these goodies you could win!

  • 3 Annual Subscriptions to Simply Lettering Magazine worth over £50 each
  • Luxury Calligraphy Kit from Kirsten Burke worth £35 (picture shown above!)
  • 2 sets of TomBow pens from CraftStash worth over £40
  • 3 sets of Nuvo Aquaflow pens worth £11.99 each
  • 1 Subscription to Simply Cards & Papercraft worth over £60
  • A set of Karin Markers from Lou Collins worth over £20
  • Colour Happy Box from Edding UK worth £20
  • A selection of Papercraft Magazines from Die-cutting Essentials, Papercraft Essentials and Creative Stamping – worth over £20
  • 2 Double Ended Calligraphy Pens from Staedtler worth over £12
  • Lamy Safari and a 30ml bottle of Diamine ink from Leanne Cork  worth over £20
  • A set of four Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens – For the Love of Letters from Sue Smith!
  • A set of 5 pens from Chameleon pens worth over £20!

How to enter!

To enter to be in with a chance of winning one of these fabulous gifts, simply comment on THIS blog post, then head over to the Simply Lettering launch post and comment there too – find it here

Each day the wonderful bloggers and brands on the blog hop (details at the end of the post) are sharing inspiring projects and advice as we countdown to the launch of Simply Lettering Magazine on Thursday 18th July

Find all the blogs on the hop at the end of this post!

Where do I start with modern calligraphy?

Simply Lettering Magazine will be packed with inspiration and advice and we’re supporting it with lots of video tutorials to help you get a better feeling for the action of creating the lines and letters.

Here’s commissioning Editor Lou Collins showing you how the entire alphabet in a series of 26 videos! You’ll find it very relaxing just watching her form the letters.

Who’s next on the blog hop?

Thursday 11th July (Find yesterday’s post and add your comment!)

Friday 12th July (Find yesterday’s post and add your comment!)

Leanne Cork 

Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine 

Saturday 13th July (you are here!)

Papercraft Magazines 

A Journal by Annie

Ada Dream Letters

Sunday 14th July (tomorrow’s post!)


Journal With Purpose – Helen Colebrook

Monday 15th July


Lou Collins 

The Preposterous Pigeon 

Tuesday 16th July

Kirsten Burke 


Wednesday 17th July

Sue Smith Creative Design

Blink Lettering 

Chameleon Pens

LAUNCH DAY! Thursday 18th July

Simply Lettering Magazine 

Be sure to visit them all each day over the next week and add a comment on their blog or video, then come back and add a comment on ours too! You’ll find their posts on the following days, so you can enjoy a little bit of lettering inspo every day this week!

We will pick a winner at random from all of the comments received!


Find out more about issue 1!

  1. Sue B

    The blog hop is so inspiring and I await my subscriber copy with much anticipation.

  2. Samantha Bryan

    Can not wait for the magazine

  3. Patricia

    Love these videos and really looking forward to the first edition of Simply Lettering. I’ve been wanting to work on my lettering for my crafts, journals and planners for some time now. This has certainly given me the boost.

  4. Sharon

    Fab lettering, can't wait to get started !

  5. Sharon

    Lou's videos are very calming, love watching her do her lettering


    So looking forward to issue one

  7. AndreaH124

    Wow I'd love to be entered into the prize draw for one of these fantastic giveaways. I'm loving all the inspiration from all these fab companies. Thank you for being in simply lettering's blog hop and for the chance to win. 🤞🤞🤞.

  8. Ella

    Wow these videos are so inspiring and I will definitely be saving them for later use! Would be very interested to see maybe a faux calligraphy letter here and there too! Love this blog hop adventure x

  9. Samantha Bryan

    Going to be such a great magazine, Lou Collins is great at her work.

  10. Sarah Bell

    Following the blog hop, can't wait for the magazine launch!

  11. Vicki Willbye

    Wow time is ticking, but not quick enough, can't wait

  12. Louise Bjørnerem

    How fabulous. This is just what I’ve been looking for help with. Modern calligraphy looks so accessible! ❤️

  13. Jane Madge

    So beautiful. The letters are so much more than letters x

  14. Jacquie hardy

    Love this hop

  15. Deborah Simmons

    My daughter has taken up jouralling and the lettering in it is a fabulous, ongoing, creative skill. I'd love to win this prize for her.

  16. Harriet Simmons

    Hi, I use calligraphy a lot in my bullet journal and would love to enter the giveaway!

  17. Sarah Cooper

    This would be so wonderful to learn I paint rocks and would love to learn lettering to make my designs look a bit more professional.

  18. Katrina

    So excited to give this a proper try soon

  19. Paddy

    The dip pen 'a' looks particularly stunning - I need to practise my dip pen calligraphy.... or maybe get a decent nib to start with, as my downstrokes never looked thick enough, compared to the upstrokes.

  20. Harriet Simmons

    Hi, just wondering whether the pearlescent 'ink' was watercolour or ink and what ink is it?

  21. Samantha Dawkins

    Brilliant blog, Im really enjoying it. Would love to get into calligraphy.

  22. Aurora Piano

    Looking forward this magazine to come out!! Will be on my wedding day so a reason more to be happy 😀 Thanks!!

  23. Philippa Smith

    I love how different each style is and I'm really looking forward to developing my own style

  24. Mrs Patricia Kennedy

    I love crafting magazines x

  25. Mrs Patricia Kennedy

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  26. TrishaK65

    Love it, love it,love it!

  27. Brenda

    Wow. Looks great. A totaly New magazine.

  28. Holly Brooke

    I'm hyped up enough about the launch and this blog hop is just getting me more excited!

  29. Tracey

    What a super giveaway

  30. Emma Farley

    I can't flipping wait for this launch! 🤓

  31. Christine Roberts

    I am really looking forward to receiving my first issue so I can get started.

  32. Carol

    Loving this coming together of magazines and all crafters 😺

  33. Jayne W

    Watching videos is a much easier way to learn than written tutorials. 😊

  34. Lisa Pope

    Love the video, looking forward to the first issue

  35. Laura Edgington

    Love the video

  36. Laura

    Blog Hop Day 3 Loving this

  37. Marisela Delgado

    Awesome prize

  38. Nanci Stevenson

    Ok, I'm new to this lettering thing. I didn't realize there was different styles. It just got much harder. Hoping the new magazine will make it easier.

  39. Leanne S

    Lovely video! Excited about the launch of a lettering magazine

  40. Lainey

    Dashing out to get some pens and have a go at my ABC's having just watched the video

  41. Sharon-Elaine

    Looking forward to receiving issue 1 and getting started!

  42. Lynsey McCloskey

    It's so hypnotising watching this video. I can't wait to try it myself

  43. AndreaH124

    are our comments not going to be published?

  44. Sheron

    Lou makes it look so easy I just hope one day I can make the alphabet look so beautiful.

  45. Tracy Arnold

    Would love to give lettering a try ❤️

  46. Jane Hough

    Interesting to see how the different pens/brushes compare, can't wait to use them on my new journalling journey.

  47. Inga Andersen

    Fantastic new magazine and papercraft mags are fab too

  48. Sue D

    Would love to learn this pretty style of lettering.

  49. Sally Hickling

    It is fascinating to watch 4 different mediums and 4 different styles.

  50. Hilary Gregory

    I love the video showing the different styles, feel I’m able to progress a bit more with this advice!

  51. Penpen88

    What an awesome competition. I would love to win. Pweezzzzz

  52. Gill Russell

    I love watching people doing the lettering. Not so good myself but it's very calming to watch others nail it lol

  53. Gill Russell

    It is really calming to watch. Not sure my comment posted so sending another. Delete this one if I double commented lol x

  54. Gail Anne Reid

    Not seen a copy yet but so pumped to get started 😁😁😁

  55. Laura H

    So excited for the new magazine! Lots of lovely inspiration, thank you.

  56. Lynn Edwards

    The pens that come with it are fab!

  57. Lynn

    Very inspiring blog hop

  58. Rebecca

    More inspiration, this is heaven!

  59. Dominique

    That video was so satisfying and relaxing to watch ha! And oh my the pink ink on the last a is beautiful ❤️

  60. Crystal

    Wow! I am learning so much from the blog hop! Can’t wait for the magazine to be released!

  61. Patricia Laine

    So satisfying to see these letters being created. 😊

  62. Patricia Laine

    Just so satisfying seeing these letters flowing from the end of the pen.

  63. Lorraine Lowe

    Love this video, almost hypnotic watching those lovely letters form!

  64. Rebecca Ruff

    I so want to learn this, the magazine looks fab

  65. Maria Alder

    Fabulous prize. Love to learn how to, it look so much fun x

  66. Marisela Delgado

    Awesome prizes!

  67. Elaine Rayworth

    Great blog hop to celebrate the launch of a superb magazine 😀

  68. Jo Barber

    Excited to be part of this, I have so much to learn!

  69. Elaine Rayworth

    Great prizes and great magazine

  70. Pam Nicholls

    So inspiring! Can't wait to have a go myself

  71. Pam Nicholls

    So inspirational and creative - can't wait to have a go!

  72. Linda Sophie Ribe Sund

    Hand lettering seems like fun!

  73. Ashley Eatly

    Love the article and video magazine blog hop is great

  74. Rebecca Ruff

    I am going to give this a go. I will be buying this magazine for sure.

  75. Althea Joseph

    I really do love watching people lettering. Going to work out best way to hold the pen, don't think I've cracked it yet.

  76. Carla Turner

    Just here to say hi!

  77. carolineb66

    Can't wait to try my hand at this.

  78. PearlsCraft

    Can't wait for my Mag through the post, excited :)

  79. Pawnbroke10

    Great prizes and love to learn new lettering techniques

  80. Linda W

    Amazing blog hop ..... loving the videos

  81. Jo1smith

    Wish I had heard about this magazine in time to sub right from the beginning. Off to the supermarket it is then!

  82. Anna

    I have started lettering not long ago and love it. So relaxing

  83. Lynsey Harte

    Looks like a great new magazine, can't wait to have a look through it!

  84. Marianne

    Fun hop and awesome prizes!

  85. LondonWriting

    Wow! Just what I was looking for. I'm only just starting out with hand lettering. Fingers crossed my local shop will stock the magazine.


    A wonderful chance to improve my lettering skills

  87. Kate Whittaker

    love it

  88. Claire Boston

    Really great new magazine, lovely new technique, fab to watch, even better to write!

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