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Die-cutting Essentials 62 Bright Rosa sentiment downloads

11th February 2020


  1. VeeCee

    Really grateful for the Bright Rosa sentiments download but don't know how to use them. First page is blank, we have the lovely coloured rectangles with words then a page with small words...really small words and colour bars. the final page is colour bars and a couple of sort of swatch images. Have tried to copy and paste the words to try to enlarge but they revert to basic script. Would like to take the words that are not on colour blocks and add them to my own colours. HELP!!!! please as I'm not that clever with pc's. can do the basic copy paste or straight print but that's it. Really would like to use this download in as many ways as an aging brain can imagine. Hope to receive a reply.

    • Hannah Williams

      If you go into printing options, and scale the second page to 150%, this should result in the printed images being scaled to A4 size. If you have any further problems with the sentiments, feel free to contact me via email (hannah.williams@practicalpublishing.co.uk), and I will do my best to try and go into more detail for you. Hope this helps!

  2. VeeCee

    Many thanks for your help, will try that and hope I won't need to worry you again.

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