IndigoBlu 2 – Travel 3D projects

22nd August 2020


IndigoBlu 2 – Travel 3D projects

Mel Jess has provided you some wonderful downloads to help you create stunning vintage luggage gift boxes, as seen in the IndigoBlu’s second Mixed Media Special!

Get your Hat box SVG here

Scroll down for your Tag and Chest holder downloads:

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  1. SpydersCorner

    Hi! Hope you don't mind me added something here as emails don't seem to work and neither does this download. The box comes up to save to my computer but no download happens, the first page reappears again instead. I bought Love Carding Mag issue 5 (with a free PaperCrafter mag. But there was no cogs and wheels die cut, just the sicky space where it should be. I bought it from Tescos, in June, most of the offeres had runout at the beginning of the year so it must've been old stock. It was all still sealed so the die cut could not have fallen out. I have emailed two or three time with no anwser, so popped in here to download promised papers will no luck either! (dragonsmoore at googlemail dot com) Lyn

  2. SpydersCorner

    ....also if I click the link for the hatbox that leads to 'Silouette Store where there is $ signs and a basket to shop in their store. (I don't want the hat box, I was seeing what happened!) Lyn

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